Honeymoon in Crete
5 Mar 2019

Honeymoon in Crete

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Primal landscapes that reflect eternity, a great variety of things to do and see and an alternative approach to romance. Crete is the perfect destination for newly-weds who seek a different honeymoon experience, which, however, includes all the classic romantic must-dos:
candlelit dinners by the sea, mesmerizing sunsets, beautiful beaches, great food and striking settings to photoshoot your very own love story. After all, it is not a coincidence that Zeus brought his beloved Europa here, after abducting her from her hometown Tyre!

Exotic beaches & secluded coves

Crete’s vast coastline ensures that you will find any type of beach for your romantic moments. Enjoy your cocktails while relaxing on a sunbed in the long private sandy beach of Alexander Beach Hotel & Village, or retreat to one of the many secluded coves of Hersonissos with sparkling waters for your private moments. Take a day trip to the palm tree forest of Vai, or enjoy the moonlight shining over the sea at atmospheric Elounda bay. Enjoy five-star fish dishes at the serene beach of Chiona and blue-lagoon style beaches in Chrissi island and Xerokampos in the east, Balos and Elafonissi in the west. In Crete you will find the greatest collection of perfect beaches for the perfect honeymoon!

Love goes through the stomach

A popular saying becomes reality in Crete! A unique collection of endemic herbs, exceptional thyme honey, award-winning wines and an extremely tasty local cuisine. Enjoy fresh fish, traditionally roasted aromatic lamb (antikristo), a variety of wild greens and seasonal vegetables, all cooked in extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. Don’t leave without buying dittany, an endemic herb associated with true love. Dittany is locally known as “erontas” (referring to eros) and only grows in the most inaccessible places – on the sides of high cliffs. According to tradition, only intrepid men would climb the hills to gather handfuls of pink dittany flowers, offering it as love tokens to their sweethearts.

Top-notch pampering!

In Crete, you will find the best villa to nest your love, specially designed to provide a comfortable and romantic environment.

The Beachfront Villa will be your romantic nest in Crete

Watch the sunset from your very own private furnished veranda right on the beachfront with splendid views to the sea, while enjoying a glass of prosecco. Swim in your private pool and worry about nothing since the room offers cozy bathrobes and slippers, exclusive toiletries and top quality mattresses for dreamy nights. Wondering where you will find all these in one place? Check out our Beachfront Villa and get ready for some serious pampering!

Romance, the Cretan way!

One thing you might not know about Crete is that it is an overly romantic place, and we have history and archaeology to prove it! Love stories of mythic grandeur took place on this island, starting from the famous Zeus’ abduction of Europa, after whom continent Europe was named. According to mythology, Zeus fell in love with Europa, a beautiful woman of Phoenician origin, and seduced by transforming himself into a white bull. Europa was enchanted by the bull, got onto his back, and then Zeus took that opportunity and ran to the sea and swam straight to the island of Crete. Europa later became the first queen of Crete and mother of King Minos.
When you visit the Palace of Knossos, you will probably hear about the labyrinth and the mythical beast Minotaur, killed by Greek hero Theseus. What you may not know, is that the daughter of King Minos, Ariadne, was the one who helped Theseus murder the beast by giving him a thread to guide him in the Labyrinth, because she was deeply in love with him. When Theseus completed his heroic mission, he escaped the Palace together with Ariadne.
Last but not least, no history of romance in Crete would be complete without a reference to the epic work “Erotokritos”, a masterpiece of the Cretan renaissance literature. Written by the Cretan-Venetian aristocrat Vincenzo Cornaro in the early 17th century, Erotokritos speaks of the love between Erotokritos and Aretousa and revolves around themes such as honor, loyalty, bravery, resilience and -of course- the power of true love! Erotokritos has marked the cultural expression of love in Crete even to our days, since its verses are still recited in songs and inspired the Cretan serenades (mantinades).

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