Wines of Crete: Cretan varieties and wineries worth a visit
15 Jul 2020

Wines of Crete: Cretan varieties and wineries worth a visit

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Crete is the oldest wine-producing area in Europe with a 4000 years-old tradition in viticulture. The ideal climate of the island’s mainland, combined with centuries of experience and the new knowledge brought by technology and science in the sector of viticulture, has led to the production of top quality wines for the most demanding palates. Cretan varieties you must try include Vilana, Vidiano and Thrapsathiri (white varieties) and Kotsifali, Mantilari, Liatiko, and Romeiko (red varieties). The best way to fully appreciate this amazing Cretan product is to take a trip to its place of origin: the vineyard! Follow us to the best wineries of Heraklion to taste the exquisite local varieties, buy certified PGI & PDO wine labels, and enjoy a memorable experience in the Cretan countryside, full of aromas, colors and flavors!


Winery Stilianou – Kounavoi village

Situated in the lovely countryside of Kounavoi, Stilianou Winery offers a high-class experience to wine-lovers with tastings of top quality organic wines in a hospitable environment. Stilianou wines are of limited production, supplied in numbered bottles, and originate from mountainous vineyards grown according to organic standards with respect to nature and tradition. One thing is for sure: if you are a dedicated wine collector, then Stilianou Winery is a must-visit!

Website: http://www.stilianouwines.gr/en/index-1.html


Douloufakis Winery – Dafnes village

If you are looking for new thrills to your palate, then you have to visit Douloufakis Winery in the village of Dafnes, a village with a long tradition in wine-making.  Here viticulture takes place with the utmost care from Douloufakis family in a beautiful, typical Cretan landscape. Book a tour to enjoy the intoxicating aromas coming from oak barrels and taste top quality wines, awarded in some of the most important International Competitions, such as Decanter in the U.K., TEXSOM International Wine Awards in the U.S.A. and Sakura in Japan.

Website: https://www.douloufakis.wine/en

Paterianakis Winery – Melesses village

A winery dedicated to environmentally friendly production methods, everything you taste here is 100% organic, healthy, and incredibly tasty! Paterianakis family produces only natural and authentic wines without using chemical or synthetic fertilizers. Take a tour to their vineyard to see where their six unique indigenous and five first class international varieties grow, using the latest organic techniques, and become an eco-wine-lover!

Website: http://www.paterianakis.gr/

Lyrarakis Winery – Alagni village

Lyrarakis winery produces one of the most popular labels in Crete with a strong focus on rare local varieties and single variety wines. The family is credited with the revival of two ancient Cretan varieties, Dafni and Plyto, while the indigenous Melissaki variety has recently been added to their production accomplishments. Surrounded by endless vineyards and a view of the imposing Lassithi mountains, Lyrarakis Winery invites visitors to discover local varieties through customized wine tasting tours, or a picnic experience full of Cretan delicacies!

 Website: https://www.lyrarakis.com/en


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