3 Spa Treatments You Cannot Miss
19 Feb 2021

3 Spa Treatments You Cannot Miss

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Discover the spa at Alexander Beach Hotel & Village Resort: an escape from the life-disrupting hassles that cause stress and tension and damage your inner balance. Instead, the spa experience will enhance your vacation on Crete Island with a fully merited dose of wellness.

Begin with the treatment that best aligns with your goals or well-being concerns. For instance, you may want to relieve stress after the long journey that brought you here or relax after a long hike on the island. Maybe you spent a long day at the beach under the sun’s merciless heat: the treatments curated by Aegeo Spas blend the ancient wisdom of the Greek spas with nature’s healing power to lead you on a path to self-discovery and transformation.

And, of course, you will want to choose a signature Aegeo Spas treatment inspired by Greek traditions and Crete’s abundant nature: it’s a more intimate way to discover the island, one that will lead you to a deep sense of awareness. At the same time, you will benefit from the full healing effects of Cretan herbal wellness.

Golden Hour to prepare your body for a long-lasting tan

Choose the Golden Hour spa treatment before you lay under the sun at the beach: it will prepare your skin for an even and long-lasting tan. During the treatment, you will take a 45-minute imaginary journey around the island, cocooned in delicate textures and fragrances of Cretan olive oil, herbs, and aloe vera.

Sense Crete for the ultimate herbal experience

Sense Crete will give your skin a vibrant glow right after the first 25-minute treatment. Herbs like dittany of Crete and sage have anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and detoxifying effects. In addition, the treatment stimulates blood circulation, leaving your skin nourished and velvety soft.

Cretan Massage from head to toe

Spend 70 minutes under the skilled hands of an Aegeo Spa therapist and enjoy all the benefits of a deep massage with a Cretan olive oil base, raki, and orange extracts. Let your imagination travel back in time through techniques developed since Hippocratic times to invigorate and balance the mind and the body.

These are just three examples of spa treatments inspired by the Greek heritage and techniques known for thousands of years. For example, did you know that the first spas appeared in Greece, and Hippocrates (460–370 BC) prescribed hydrotherapy or massage to treat muscle aches and joint disorders?

No wonder today we go to a spa when we want a treatment that soothes our muscles, relaxes the body, and stimulates circulation, all while eliminating mental stress and restoring our inner balance.

At the Alexander Beach Hotel & Village Resort spa, you can even get a traditional, deep-pressure massage that uses techniques like those used by the paedotribes (healers) performed during the ancient Olympic Games.

The spa facilities at Alexander Beach Hotel & Village Resort are exceptional, and the decor is conducive to peace and relaxation. If you don’t want a spa treatment, you can still come in to use the hammam, the Finnish sauna, the steam bath, the indoor heated pool, or the whirlpool. Indulge in rejuvenating treatments or just relax in a clutter-free space far from the tourist hubbub.

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